62: Living with Consequences

This episode is one that I feel is about an obvious topic, but what it means is often less than ideal. What I mean by this is that - even though we grow as people - some of what we have done in the past will come back to bite us. Not everyone that you …

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61: Leaving the Comfort Zone

When you graduate college, there only seems to be two choices, career or relationships. After I graduated, I chose relationships and stayed in the town that I went to college in with friends and family that I love. That caused a lot of headache that came in the form of longterm unemployment, followed by a …

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60: Talking it Out

When the world moves at one million miles per hour, it's easy to let it take you on a ride and go with the motions. During this holiday break, I did just that and did my best to enjoy my time as it was happening. I went to see a bunch of family, got plans …

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59: Giving and the Joy it Brings

It's that time of the year when everyone has something to be grateful for and most people are spending time with their family. In this episode, I'd like to talk about what makes spending that time with loved ones feel so fulfilling, and how even if you don't have a traditional family, you can still …

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58: The Humbling Experience of Being Bad

In this episode, I kinda ramble about being bad at stuff and how it's actually awesome. When you find something that you like enough to actually do it, being bad is fun because you can see where others are that have been doing it much longer than you, and you can find communities of people …

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57: The Battle of Arrogance and Modesty

When I was younger, I was a happy-go-lucky kid. Eventually, once puberty hit like a brick to the face, I defended against the impending doom of awkwardness and depression with being overly arrogant, looking back, generally unlikable. In this episode, I talk about why I acted like I was better than everyone else, how that …

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56: The Ultimate Stressor

I believe that for many people, money is the ultimate stressor. Having far too much and far too little lead to their own struggles, and in this episode, I dive into the only one that I can talk about, which is the latter. Bills, loans and employment lead to so many difficult truths and issues …

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55: Getting to a Place That You Feel Comfortable

Living with mental illness makes everything harder and one of the primary aspects of life that it affects is your ability to take on new, unfamiliar challenges. This week, I talk about how I had a hard time branching out and tackling new experiences, and how, with time and lots of introspection, I was able …

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54: Making Friends Last Longer than Milk

As I reflect on monumental changes in my life, such as going to and then graduating college and changing jobs more times than I'd like to admit, it's easy to lose track of who matters to you. The people that you see everyday change, and maintaining contact is easy to forget, so how can you …

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53: Putting Yourself First

Saying no is hard, especially when the consequence of you saying that short word can negatively impact others, but it's an important lesson to learn. Not only are there people in the world that will capitalize on your kindness, but there are some things in the world that are meant to take advantage of those …

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52: The Scourge of Man

Technology is great... until it's not. It's been such a helpful and amazing tool, opening the world to communication that's never been seen before. The only downside is that, along with all of the good, it also does an impeccable job at making people feel worse about themselves. Let's talk about how it does that …

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51: Giving Yourself Purpose and Value

Finding a reason to keep pushing forward in life isn't always easy. Things are hard, people can be hard to deal with, and the weight of all of that on your shoulders can feel like too much. That's why this week, I talk about finding a reason to exist in everyday life, even when twists …

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50: 99 Perspectives and You Got ‘Em

This is the worst episode title of all time. Whatever. What's done is done. Don't hate me.When I was younger, I dismissed basically everyone with differing views from me. I didn't give people the time of day, and when one of the people that I did grow close to said or did something that I …

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49: You Can’t Help Everyone

Oh boy, one episode away from 50. That doesn't really mean much to me, but I guess it's something. In this almost impressive milestone of an episode, I talk through a few examples of me not being able to help people struggle through their issues because I was too busy with my own, and how …

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48: Hot Chocolate, a Dog Blanket and Some Yarn

On this episode, I talk about how finding something to look forward to after a long day can be all you need to turn dread into something hopeful. Who knows, maybe if you can find some excitement in the day, you might even be happy for a little while.

47: The One You Feed feat. Eric Zimmer

This week, I had the pleasure of talking to Eric Zimmer, host of the podcast "The One You Feed." We talked about his experience with addiction, addiction in general and then the conversation evolved into a nice talk about life, why we do what we do and how we can help people. Eric is a …

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44: The Anniversary of a Lifetime

After years of me putting up emotional barriers, subconsciously sabotaging our friendship and generally being terrible, I can officially say that my girlfriend Alex and I have just celebrated out two year anniversary! In this episode, I talk about how Alex and I have gotten to where we are, and how unsexy a story the …

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42: How Can I Actually Help People?

In this episode, I ask existential questions about why I do what I do, how this podcast can help people and how I can reach more people outside of the podcast. People deal with too many mental health struggles alone and I want to help, but deciding if I'm the type of person to help …

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38: Making Mistakes

This week, I talk about my long history of mistakes, mostly with people, and how I have learned from them to work on future relationships. The short and sweet lesson is, learn from your mistakes, even if that's as cliché as cliché 's come.

37: Emotional Outlets

Sorry for this episode being a few days late. I just moved into a new place and didn't have internet until today. For this episode, I talk about how I discovered my emotional outlets, along with how important they have become in helping me truly discover who I am.