Uphill Climb

Quick Announcement: As of today, my podcast should be on Spotify. It might need some edits over the next few days, but if you're interested in listening and putting up with some imperfections, please give it a listen. Hello and welcome to another conversation with Scott. The topic of this week... marketing myself. I went …

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How I Built This: Airbnb & Clif Bar

Recently, I've been listening to the podcast by NPR called How I Built This. Hosted by Guy Raz, prolific entrepreneurs come on to talk about the businesses that they have started, where they came from and what impact it has had on their lives. Noteable companies like Airbnb and Clifbar have been talked about, and …

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Define Arrogance

Scott McNarcissist Is arrogance thinking that you’re better than someone else? Is it thinking that you’re better at something than the next person? Is it acknowledging that you truly are better than others? Arrogance. Narcissism. Egotism. They’re odd. Everyone knows someone that they see as one of these terms. Someone who thinks the world revolves …

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Episode 5: Getting Out of Bed

In this episode of Acceptable Madness, I talk about the struggle of getting out of bed in the morning when your depression is at both its worst and best. Scott McBedhead

Exciting Announcement

Hi everyone! I thought I'd give a small update on one of my projects. I've been putting together a compilation of all of the shorts that I've been writing and now that I have 100 that I'm comfortable putting under one cover, I'll be putting them up on the Amazon eBook store soon. I don't …

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Down the Rabbit Hole

Scott McAliceinWonderland “Turn the TV off,” she said. I know that we were running late already, but she didn’t need to tell me to turn the TV off. I’m not that easily distracted. I can have some background noise on if I want. It probably helps me work faster than otherwise, since being left to …

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Bored of Existence

Idea by: Nikos Koufus Written by: Scott McAllknowingandpowerful I find it interesting. The first thing that my creations did was develop time. Even the very first ones knew about time before they discovered time. I have never had the privilege of feeling time. For me, nothing ages: It just changes. The grass that grows. The …

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Glass River

Scott McDrifting The river was calm, no ripples, sailors or storms. Finding it was serendipitous. I stumbled into it with no intention of getting in, but then I was in a boat, drifting down the coastline with no way of knowing how fast or slow I was moving. The water looks like glass with no …

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Free Time

I am often caught off guard by people that only critique and don't create on their own. When I watch a movie or show, read a book or play a video game, I always leave wondering what I could have done differently and potentially even better. I want to create a world that people can …

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Episode 4: Rejection

Welcome to another episode of Acceptable Madness where I talk about the rejection that I go through while trying to work a job in sales and also find an agent to represent my newest book.Scott McReject


This is something little that I made while experimenting with sonnets. It's really just a whimsical look at the world from the eyes of a child who hopes that life is as exciting and amazing as every book says it is. You and I both know it's not, but it's still something. Scott McSonnet Stories …

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Don’t Move

Scott McStationary Lay still. Don’t move. What will happen if I stand?   The window looks welcoming. The mouthwash looks delicious. There’s a knife in the kitchen. There’s a gun in the basement.   Don’t move. Eyes open. What will happen if I stand?   I could swing from the rafters. Start the car, garage …

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All the Money in the World

I strongly believe that if I won the lottery, I would be disappointed. I don't want free money. There's no value there. I want to work hard and earn it all myself. I don't have rich tastes so I wouldn't spend it anyway so why does it matter? Scott McFrugal If I had all of …

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Blank Stares

Don't look up. Ignore them. Keep going. Scott McEyecontact Keep your eyes down. Keep them away from those that you pass. Keep them where no one can see what’s inside of them. Keep your eyes down to the ground. Don’t dare to look up. Avoid confrontation form a passerby. Avoid the uncomfortable feeling of having …

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Nothing Makes Sense Except for a Dollar

"Reading this one gave me a pretty good understanding of what it feels like to have a stroke." - Kyle Scott McShouldn'titbespelledcents Do you hear the sounds? The way the orchestra plays in the back of your mind is like a train smashing into the side of your car. The way the notes tickle your …

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Episode 3: Relaxing

Finding an effective way to relax is either too difficult or too easy, but either way, you need to use that time wisely. In this episode, I ramble on about how I relax and what works for me. Scott McPressuretoachieve

Ax Me a Question

This is not meant to disrespect anyone. Every lifestyle that's chosen is difficult in its own way and is arguably just as difficult as any other. Written by: Scott McWordplay Art by: Kiersten Lee Ketter I’m either going to work my ass off and become a big success, or I’m going to drive the blade …

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Grandfather Clock

When depression and anxiety hit at the same time that you're working on a project, time becomes a very unwelcome enemy. Scott McFatherTime The chimes of the loyal timekeeper echo through the halls, vibrating my bones. It’s midnight again. It’s midnight again. It’s another midnight. Another entire day of nothing. When all else fails, I …

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Spotlights and Attack Helicopters

Welcome to Room 101, where no one can hear your screams and the rats are hungry. Written by: Scott McMusophobia Art by: Kiersten Lee Ketter It’s not 1984 or Brave New World. Each of them would be favorable when compared to the nightmares that I see every day. I see only darkness and spotlights when …

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