This Episode is About Nothing

Okay, so it’s not so much about “nothing” per se, but it’s about feeling relaxed, not stressed, and for a brief moment, like I wasn’t depressed. I had the pleasure of finishing two of my masters classes today (the day before this was released,) and although I start another tomorrow, for a short 7 or so hours, I didn’t have any responsibilities. Sure, I had to do a few things like get dinner, walk Halsey, and play with Leia, I didn’t have any overarching things to do for once. I felt completely and totally uninhibited and I could do what I wanted without feeling guilty. I took that time to play Mario Party with me beautiful fiancée, spend time with my pets, and reflect on why this feeling of “nothing” happened, and how I can replicate it moving forward.

I am not a doctor, so do not treat this as therapy or medical advice. I just do this podcast with the hopes that it can help some people.

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