Acceptable Madness’ 100th Birthday!

It’s been a long road – after a little over 2 years, it’s time to celebrate Acceptable Madness’ 100th birthday. In that short amount of time, I’ve talked for hours and hours about different topics such as loss, friendship, sleep, rejection, and so much more. I’ve told you more about myself than most of my closest friends know about me, and I’ve uncovered more about how my mind works in that time than I ever could have imagined. In this episode, I’d like to talk about how much I’ve changed over that time, how I feel about it, and what I’d like to see moving forward. This episode is special for me, not just because of it being triple digits, but because it means I’ve been able to start something and follow through with it, no matter the challenges that life (and that pesky depression) throws at me. I hope that I’ve helped you through whatever struggles you’re having, and hope that the lessons I’ve shared with you will keep you moving forward through life with optimism and strength, because life is tough, but you’re tougher. Thanks for listening, and I can’t wait to talk to you in another 100 episodes!

I am not a doctor, so do not treat this as therapy or medical advice. I just do this podcast with the hopes that it can help some people.

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Also, I wrote a book!

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