Setting Deadlines for Yourself

Okay, hear me out with this one. No one likes deadlines, I know. At work or school, they stress you out. If you miss one, it can feel very defeating. But dang, when you accomplish whatever deadline you have, it feels pretty good. That’s what this episode is all about! Setting realistic deadlines for yourself is a great way to give yourself a reason to get out of bed and do something. In the past, I’ve talked about setting the goal of simply getting out of bed and showering, and although that is a worthwhile and very difficult goal on some days, it’s important to have other things that keep kicking you in the butt to keep moving forward, too. If you don’t you might not be able to find a way to move beyond simply getting up and showering.

I am not a doctor, so do not treat this as therapy or medical advice. I just do this podcast with the hopes that it can help some people.

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