Bitter With the Sweet

Ya know, not everything in the world is great (as I’m sure you’ve already noticed.) That doesn’t make the world bad or terrible to live on, but it means that there are some less than perfect things that happen, whether it’s a dispute between you and a friend, some burnt mac n’ cheese because you forgot to add water to the Kraft you were microwaving, or you have a dog that WON’T STOP BITING YOUR SHOE LACES NO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES YOU TELL HER NOT TO, but I digress. Not everything will be great, but as the great musician, Carole King, said, “you’ve got to take the bitter with the sweet.” In this episode, I dive into what that actually means.

I am not a doctor, so do not treat this as therapy or medical advice. I just do this podcast with the hopes that it can help some people.

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