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First and foremost, thank you to the new followers that I’ve gotten. I don’t know how or why you followed me, but I’m just going to assume that it’s because you like the stuff I put out. I’d love to get some comments on my posts letting me know what you like and don’t. I value your opinion and really want this website to a productive way to better my own writing skills. Enough of that though – I’m writing this to talk a bit more about the cog that moves this blog. I’ll be focusing on the projects that I have going on right now and what kind of direction I’d like them to head in.

  1. Blog
    • Clearly this blog is a way to get my writing out to the public, but it’s also an archive for my stuff. I’m writing to try and help people that might suffer through the same stuff but not necessarily know how to say it or what to do to feel better. What I write stems from my own personal struggle and the thoughts that go through my head. I want to be as transparent as possible because I think authenticity is more important than a lot of other things.
  2. Book
    • As you can likely tell by the vague project heading Book, I don’t want to go into too much detail at this moment in time, but I finished writing my second book in March. The first one that I wrote is written like shit because I was a very unseasoned writer. The idea is good so I’ll rewrite it eventually, but currently, I have my second book going through the rejection process of the traditional agent/publishing route.
  3. Business
    • I am working with my girlfriend and a few of my college buddies to make a business that should help a college students in the future. Again, for the sake of protecting my ideas, I won’t go into too much detail, but know that this is a huge time draw for me right now.
  4. Podcast
    • If you’re a super follower, then you must have noticed the Episode 1 post that I put out. I’m experimenting with podcast format and equipment to make a podcast that covers a lot of the topics that I’ll cover in this blog, but with a bit more personality since you can hear it through my voice and not a screen
  5. Games
    • I have a few card games that I’m getting ready to throw at Kickstarter in the hopefully near future. One is fast-paced and surely has a lot of playful screaming involved, while the other is a strategic and chance based game that brings an educational and fun component.

I’ll go into more detail about all of the projects as they develop, but for now I want to just say that I have a lot of stuff cooking and I hope that you can find at least a piece of it to enjoy. If you have any questions, feel free to ask and comment. I like to keep myself busy so I’m always doing something and I’m sure that I’ll have new projects brewing soon. Now, I know you’re thinking “wow, that’s a lot. That’s never gonna happen,” but I promise you… it’ll all get done.

Scott McKinney

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