Standing in the Rain

Next time it rains, find some time to go outside and sit on your porch, patio, balcony or whatever else. If you hate getting wet, bring an umbrella and just listen. If you really let yourself enjoy it instead of worrying about getting wet, you’ll hear nothing but the quiet sounds of raindrops falling, leaves rustling and maybe the occasional boom of thunder. It’s peaceful if you can look at it with a different, less inconvenienced perspective.

Scott McRaindancer

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Ah… this is delightful. I haven’t felt the soothing touch of rain in a while. It’s been weeks at least. I never thought I’d be happy to say that I forgot my umbrella.

Harmless. The rain is harmless, yet everyone treats it like lava. If it touches someone’s clothing, their day is ruined. Don’t even get me started with wet socks. Everyone bitches about them like they’re dying when really, they’re not that bad.

Everyone around me is running like a maniac, trying to find shelter. It’s fun to watch them panic as if the sky is falling. I’m practically skipping through the growing puddles. The sidewalks are clear of people, except for a person in a rain coat or a person with a large, unwieldy umbrella blowing in the wind. They look ridiculous. All because they don’t want to get a little wet.

Yet, if most of these people went swimming in clothing that was deemed appropriate for water, they’d be happy! Fucking hilarious. I didn’t know societal pressures could make someone lose appreciation for rain. The thing that gives us clean water. The thing that waters our plants. It’s one of the few truly free things left in life and no one appreciates its gentle touch.

I open my mouth as water streams down my face. It’s more refreshing than tap or well. It’s more refreshing than air conditioning. It’s nature at its finest.

The breeze is amazing, too. When I see someone’s umbrella cave in on itself I just about piss myself. Cheap manufacturing has made someone lose money and for what? Just because they didn’t want to get wet? And now they’re even more upset because not only are they wet, but their shit is broken.

If more people could appreciate rain, then they’d be happier more often. They’d like the changing weather and understand the beauty of it instead of just thinking about clear days when really, clear doesn’t mean better. It simply means different.

Ya know, even after saying all of this, I’m glad that everyone seems to hate rain. Everyone in the world experiences it and no one likes it. All that means to me is that I have a little piece of earth that I can enjoy all alone. A piece that’s just as beautiful as the rest. A piece that’s just for me.

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