Artist Preview – Cocainejesus

I was at work yesterday and went down the rabbit hole that is Spotify to discover Cocainejesus. I don’t even know what genre their music falls under, but it’s absolutely great if you are open to non-lyrical music. You can hear real emotion in it. I wrote my most recent short while listening to it (Constructive Criticism) and recommended it to my friend Kyle (hi Kyle!) and we’re in agreement that his music pairs pretty well with my writing.

If it’s not your thing then that’s no big deal. Some people like to read in silence, some like to read with classical music and others like to read stuff that doesn’t make them face the real horror that is everyday life. To each their own, I just thought I’d recommend an interesting artist to you.

The songs I like most are…Nervous Cocainejesus

  1. She
  2. You Don’t Forget the Girls with Grey Eyes
  3. Forgot?
  4. Moon Glasses
  5. Suicide Voyeur
  6. Wtf I H8 U All

The titles are a bit edgy but I swear they’re good.

Scott McMusic

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