Welcome to Acceptable Madness

Hello and welcome to Acceptable Madness. My name is Scott McKinney and the inspiration for this page was that I struggle with depression. I figured out that I like to write a lot and decided that it would be nice to share some of it with people that might benefit from it. I hope you find something here that you like, whether it’s the writing, the podcast or some of the other stuff that I do here. The ultimate goal is to help at least one person, and I hope I can do that.

Along with writing, I also like to create games, work on a business, write books and a few other things. I’ll use this site as a way to talk about those as well so that you can all stay up to date with every project that I’m working on.

I’m on the right in the picture below so that you can put a face with the voice.

Image may contain: 3 people, including Mike McKinney and Lauren Wagner, people smiling, wedding and suit